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Independent Electronic Music band from Belgium.

The first album ‘Portalis’ is an exciting musical trip. It’s a voyage that consists of fourteen solid tracks. At times danceable, at times quite contrarian but delicious, at times ideal for dreaming while lying on your back.

35H is the brainchild of Sam Schellingen. 35H or ’35 hundred’ refers to the postal code of his hometown, Hasselt (B). In 2022 Sam started writing and producing songs for ‘Portalis’. He encouraged other musicians such as guitarist Alain Terwingen (O Veux), Serge Hauglustaine (O Veux) and drummer Arn Bollen to join his project. Arn is also the graphic designer and video creator of the futuristic images that take you on a trip to Orion….

There are some guest appearances by a remarkable threesome of vocalists. Marlies Vanderheyden (nicely cast on ‘Snuff’), Philippe Chasseur (lamenting voice on ‘Heartbeat of a Cowgirl’) and Sabina Toll who sounds as great as young Björk on ‘Heidi is on Drugs’ and ‘Give Your Dream a Shake’.

The blistering trip of 35H has not come to it’s end yet! ‘Waves’ is the blueprint for a new project with singer Anke Thomassen. Arrival expected by the end of 2023.