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Baruch Williamson - Le Vent Qui Crie


Baruch Williamson - Le Vent Qui Crie front cover

The only point I want to make with this album, is that if we keep neglecting scientists like how we did with current pandemics, the social and economical disasters that will follow due to climate change will be much larger and even much more catastrophic than what we see now. Western authorities have neglected Chinese scientists for months and could have acted more accurate. But how long are we neglecting scientists already when it comes to climate change? What more do we need to start to think and adapt? Nature is the first thing to tell us the truth and we see the biggest evidence of our human incapacities right now. We are rebuilding our society & it is time to act now accordingly to this issue.


  1. Ball Of Gas
  2. Deutschland
  3. Everything (Our Mongoloid Leaders)
  4. Synths Are Funny
  5. Atlantic Wave
  6. Sally Watch The Stars