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Baruch Williamson - Pop Trench


Baruch Williamson - Pop Trench front cover

"Pop Trench" is the first EP of Baruch Williamson (or is it not?). This EP is about exploration, deep under the trenches of the ocean, where we find the terrible devastation of industrial capitalism. Its mechanic assemblages and rotten cables destroy the biodiversity of algae and form new configurations, synthesis and even symphony with it. A truely machinic becoming, molecular spiders and parasites with SD-cards and chips instead of their natural organs. Music by Baruch Williamson, artwork by Camille Daytona. Thanks to Matthieu for the vocals on "Salon de Seizure". Mastered by A.I.


  1. Amoeba
  2. Ufo Mess
  3. Salon de Seizure
  4. Glacial