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Baruch Williamson - Satellite Of Love And Rhizomes


Baruch Williamson - Satellite Of Love And Rhizomes front cover

'Satellite Of Love And Rhizomes' (SOLAR) is the third album I produced during the great lockdown of 2020-21 and the final part of a trilogy that came into being during the writing process. After the 'square' of 'Le Vent Qui Crie' and the 'circle' of 'Sagittarius A*', I had been looking for a triangle for a while. On a hot summer evening in July, I read about the 'Sierpinksi triangle' in an article about quantum physics. This fractal-structured triangle had recently been used as a pattern to research electrons in the 'fractal dimension'. Conceptually, this triangle fit perfectly with the music I'd been working on and finally the third part of my trilogy -which tries as a whole to both explore and criticize the role of science as a political system towards the modern individual- could be released.


  1. Suffocation
  2. Ode To Joyous Disco
  3. Didgeriradioo Synthesis
  4. Faceless
  5. Sirens
  6. Early Bird Band
  7. For The Damaged City
  8. Dolphins