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Dead High Wire - Hide


Dead High Wire - Hide front cover

HIDE was written as an anthem in the wake of a world threatening to collapse due to all kinds of tensions. After playing the full length debut album Pray For Us (2018) live in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, HIDE was one of the first new tracks Dead High Wire recorded themselves in 2020. The seed for a new album had been sown. And then came a lockdown in Belgium. Gone rehearsals / live recordings, hello creative vibe 2.0. And hello final HIDE mix/master track. HIDE is accompanied by a video clip breathing the atmosphere of the song. A metaphor for a world gone by and a reality that is no more. A metaphor for hopelessness and a running away from the pressure of the challenging society. But with a nice melody, you shouldn't take all of this so seriously.

DEAD HIGH WIRE revels in an 80s sound where cold, well-aimed guitar riffs soften the dark bass lines on a tight drum beat. The independent cross-over band loves to blend post-punk and new wave. But judge for yourself and blast the track through the speakers.


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