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Down The Lees - Bury the Sun

Down The Lees - Bury the Sun front cover

2019 sees the release of a new studio album, recorded and mixed in one cold January week by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. This is a raw album, stripped down to showcase the live, emotional vibe of the power trio. The warm analog production lets the compositions and dynamics take the forefront. Guitarist/vocalist Laura Lee makes her guitar sing soft melodies with harsh contrasts while belting out the most impassioned vocals. Drummer Jonathan mixes math-rock and prog-rock beats with speed, energy and emotion, alongside Kwinten’s powerful and guttural bass riffs inspired by his metal roots.


  1. Bury the Sun
  2. A Cynical Age
  3. Just a Kid
  4. War Torn
  5. Penny Straight
  6. We All Belong On This Surface
  7. Antiseptic Heart
  8. Pleasure Pain
  9. Coda