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Honey Hachimitsu - Concept e.3.6.


Honey Hachimitsu - Concept e.3.6. front cover

Honey Hachimitsu - Concept e.3.6.

Welcome to Concept e.3.6. our fresh new album. As in our previous album title we could pay homage to Ivolve’s Mitsubishi Classic. Now it became time to show some love to V8-Bit.C’s passion for the BMW e.36 Classics. Although our music is not about cars, we strongly advise you to play it loud in your vehicle and make your windows shiver. We take you from Hive Central with a techno based track, to the easy going and instrumentally played ‘Select Panda’ to get into some easy vibes. No Game, starting of from the beloved and subtly cut ‘Amen Break’ going into a wide range and colourful, melodious track. In our song ‘The Game’ excitement and tension is being placed into a Hip Hop classic instrumental. Miza, the one who dreams, like an angel in the sky, carrying us, glowing like the sun with a background of mystique. The Rock influenced Gōrudo, Japanese for Gold, secretly announcing that we aspire to release a ‘Best Of’ album. And finally Kaboom, here we come with our Boom Car track. Drift King Skills, play it loud and have the neighbours either dance, either call the Police. As it took Passion and Love to patiently create this album, we hope you enjoy it and spread good vibes about our most beloved Project, ‘Honey Hachimitsu’.

Sincerely, V8.Bit-C and Ivolve

Honey Hachimitsu


  1. Hive Central
  2. Select Panda
  3. No Game
  4. The Game
  5. Miza
  6. Gōrudo
  7. Drift King Skills