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Hugs of the Sky - Butter Free


Hugs of the Sky - Butter Free  front cover

'Butter Free' is the first single of the forthcoming EP of the band, 'Psychedelic Pop Corn', out 23.05.2023 written by Hugs of the Sky

To the freaks and geeks growing up in the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, the title of Hugs of the Sky newest single will for sure ring a bell: ‘Butter Free’ was a Pokémon of the first generation, dating from 1996. This Pokmon has the appearance of a cute, little butterfly, the insect whose darting flutter causes pleasant tickles in the belly when we’re in love. Love, and more specifically a love of the catastrophical kind, is one of the recurring topics in the discography of Hugs of the Sky: the lyrics often talk about how Big Tech and the entertainment industry manipulate us and determine our vision on love and falling in love. In this trend, ‘Butter Free’ starts with a seductive and groovy bass line reminiscent of Tame Impala or Beck and gradually sprouts into the fuzzy swan song of a tragic hero, whose romantic aspirations make him descend into the abyss of madness.


  1. Butter Free