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Ivolve - Ablivious Universe


Ivolve - Ablivious Universe front cover

Oblivious Universe?

Ablivious, but why…

There are so many things about the Universe that we don’t understand.

I also think there are many, many things we will never understand…

Those things are for the Universe to somehow know and for us to find out, or to never be able to figure out.

In that philosophy, I attempt to find Peace.

The Universe, I believe, beholds our reason for existence…

I somehow believe that the Universe connects us all.

As a unity, that hopefully one day, finds peace together in life and after…

Special thanks go out to all the featured artists; Javina, Jazzy van Dyk and Frietboer.

Love goes out to my family and friends, all of my fans, followers and listeners...

Enjoy my (our) newest creation, Ablivious Universe <3

Yours sincerely,



  1. Delicious ft. Jazzy van Dyk
  2. Melatonin ft. Jazzy van Dyk
  3. Find You
  4. Amongst the Shadows ft. Javina
  5. Gimme Some
  6. Feuerzeugbenzin
  7. Universe
  8. Javina & Ivolve & Jazzy van Dyk - Medicine
  9. Try Angles
  10. The Gambler
  11. Javina & Ivolve - Electric Sonic Soul
  12. Feuerzeugbenzin (Frietboer Remix)
  13. Javina & Ivolve - To da Beat