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Ivolve - Universe


Ivolve - Universe front cover

“Universe” is the title track of my new album “Ablivious Universe”.

There are many ways to refer to the idea of God…

As an artist I want to be clear about the fact that I respect all religions.

In my opinion people are free to choose in what they believe or don’t.

Yet if you would ask me what my idea of God is, I would say that I “think”, that God is the Universe…

I also think that it’s the Universe that connects us all into one entity.

The fact that we are all human beings, regardless in what we believe,

is what I think, that what makes us all equal…

This song is not about making a religious statement, it’s created to connect people.

Preferably on the Dancefloor, together in Peace and with Joy…

Play it Loud !




  1. Universe