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K@ & The Sexy MF's - Proud of You


K@ & The Sexy MF's - Proud of You front cover

K@ & The Sexy MF's new EP "Proud Of You" is their second EP release after the debut EP "Sexy Motherfokker" 22nd Sept. 2019. With the "Iceland" video & single "Helping Never Really Helps" Katrien Van Tichelen started doing small solo concerts but quickly started a full rock band. In the first months of 2020 they started touring and played 4 succesfull full band concerts. Corona stopped the rest of the tour and during the first lockdown in April 2020 there was an in between single "That's Entertainment" with the funny smartphone selfilming images to keep things going.

Youtube video "That's Entertainment":

In February 2021 Katrien and The Sexy MF's came together again at the Ghosttown Studio of guitarist Geert Vanbever and with his recording skills and a little help of the Fund Belgian Music, they managed to record, mix and release the second EP. With more soulful, bluesy composed songs, Katrien's lyrics, melodies and band arrangements, this EP marks a new musical step for K@ &The Sexy MF's. Check the great cover of David Bowie's "Five Years".

Katrien Van Tichelen: lead vocals. acoustic guitar

Geert Vanbever: electric guitar, Hammond organ

Luc Waegeman: bass guitar, backing vocals

Kurt De Waele: drums, percussion


  1. You Know
  2. Hey Man
  3. Peace
  4. Damn Your Eyes
  5. Mayble
  6. Five Years
  7. Proud Of You