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Members Of Marvelas - Tuxedo Theory

Members Of Marvelas - Tuxedo Theory front cover

What started as a collaboration between a young crossover jazz band (Niezny Sextet) and two guest rapers (Metaphora) eventually evolved into the group Members of Marvelas. Each of the band members has a predilection for different genres. You can hear influences from jazz rock, but also seventies funk, eighties electro sounds and early nineties hip hop. Cut breaks or tight melodies.


  1. Tuxedo Theory - Chapter 1
  2. City
  3. Zapper & The Beast
  4. Still With Us?
  5. Lively Parade
  6. Tuxedo Theory - Chapter 2
  7. Get Out
  8. Lone Wolf
  9. Repeat, Complete
  10. Little Louie
  11. How 'Bout You?
  12. Loaded And Sunk
  13. Tuxedo Theory - Chapter 3