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Founded in a galaxy far away, Mote was discovered by Patrick Bruyneel at the legendary Democrazy club in Ghent, Belgium. As a result, Mote’s first outing was as support act for Smog, featuring Bill Callaghan and Cynthia Dall on the band’s Burning Kingdom tour. In the years that followed Mote would support a host of U.S. role models, including Guv’ner, The Grifters, Archers of Loaf, Unwound and Blonde Redhead. Mote released singles and EP’s on Rotten Windmill Recs, Blackbean and Placenta Recs, Toothpick Recs, Ubik Recs and Schrimper Recs. Despite band members spreading their wings across the globe (Sydney, NYC, San Francisco, Brussels, Ledeberg…) Tom Lezaire, Lobke D’Hespeel, Ben Depoorter and Glen Steenkiste found time to get together at irregular intervals to record the full length album ”Vulnerable in the a.m. light”.