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Needle And The Pain Reaction - Bad Habit


Needle And The Pain Reaction - Bad Habit front cover

Fourth single in a row this year 2021, "Bad Habit" rocks your brain. Needle shouts out against blind followers of stupidity and populism.

NEEDLE band members Wim Deliveyne, Luc Waegeman and Peter De Bosschere did not see each other a lot during covid times. They came together once to play a live session without audience and took this opportunity to try out new tracks they composed separated from each other. A few of these tracks from this live session will make it to the album “No Borders”, combined with tracks that were recorded by the musicians separately in their homes during lockdown. Release date of the full album is foreseen in 2022.

"I am a man with a bad bad habit. I like to use my brain" The cynical lyrics of Bad Habit talk about the large amount of people dragged into sickness and misery by conspiracy crap and fake news. Maybe it's time they grew the bad habit of using their brain.

Put the volume up and bang that head to shake our grey cells!


  1. Bad Habit