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Needle And The Pain Reaction - No Borders


Needle And The Pain Reaction - No Borders front cover

Belgian noise rock trio Needle And The Pain Reaction is back with their sixth album, "No Borders", a powerful and passionate statement of freedom and resistance. The album, which will be released on November 2023, features 12 tracks that explore the theme of breaking down barriers and limitations that oppress and divide us. From political prisoners and whistleblowers to environmental activists and dreamers, the band pays tribute to those who fight for their rights and ideals, and challenges the status quo with their uncompromising sound and vision.

"No Borders" is the result of seven years of hard work, experimentation, and refinement. The band delivers their most heavy and dynamic sound yet, combining distorted guitars, pounding drums, and dynamic vocals. The album includes potential hits like "One To Fight For," a groovy rocker for rebels and outcasts; "Bad Habit," a catchy anthem that exposes the hypocrisy and corruption of the system; "Mother Nature," a heartfelt alternative rock gem denouncing the destruction of the planet; and "Snowstorm," an instrumental surf-punk classic-to-be showcasing the band's versatility and creativity.

The band has already tested some of the new songs live in front of their loyal fans, who responded enthusiastically. They are eager to share their new songs with the world and ready to hit the road, performing their latest album live in as many places as possible, both in Belgium and abroad. Don't miss the chance to see them live and experience their unique brand of noise rock.

"No Borders" will be available on CD, vinyl, and online platforms. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook & Instagram.


  1. One To Fight For
  2. Smells Like Your Money
  3. Snowstorm
  4. Mother Nature
  5. Bad Habit
  6. Greta
  7. Backfire
  8. She's Happy
  9. Cultivate The Core
  10. Run
  11. Everyone
  12. Wasteland