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O Veux - More Games


O Veux - More Games front cover

'More Games' all come from a Limburg kennel: Buscemi, Bart T. (Kregel), Marcel Vanthilt, Stijn Meuris, Stefan Wuyts (Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl).

‘More Games’ is the unruly album with which O Veux opens all the registers of their controversial existence. A combipack: 12” and CD. The 12” is a decadent remix collector; Buscemi and Stefan Wuyts throw The Game into the blender. The CD contains new work, RadiOveux and as a bonus all tracks from the 12”. RadiOveux is the oddity in which O Veux rips their single The Game themselves! In a Dutch earworm, a headbanger or a dance pop swallow version. Doom in a dark goth cellar, chaos and sarcasm in Devo's style, a slice of nostalgia from the eighties, pounding dancefloor, radio with Vanthilt, Meuris and an illustrious Brazilian. Everything recorded and finished in the home studios. Only The Game was recorded live and mixed in the Yellow Tracks studio by Jelle Wouters.


  1. Kiss Myself
  2. The Game
  3. EVOL - Shout!
  4. Headache (Lockdown Version)
  5. LaLa Song
  6. Vendetta
  7. radio meneer
  8. Het Leven Is Geen Spel Meneer (remix)
  9. radio man man man
  10. The Metal Game (remix)
  11. radio lado goo
  12. Adult Artwork Games (remix)
  13. The Game (Buscemi’s breakbeat remix)
  14. The Game (Experimental mix - Stefan Wuyts feat. GLSDL)
  15. The Game (Move The Game - SAMplifier edit mix)
  16. The Game (Bunker mix - Stefan Wuyts feat. GLSDL)