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O Veux - White Album - Early Years (1981-1983)


O Veux - White Album - Early Years (1981-1983) front cover

'The white album' (early years) from 2016 bundles unpublished and rare tracks (live and rehearsal recordings) from the period 1981-1983. Influences of English and American post-punk / no wave are unmistakable. The rawness and the naturalness prevail. Josef Grunt (Bedtime for Bonzo) and Luc Van Acker did the technique for many songs. Songs like What's The Use, Beneath Shallow Graves and Headache appeared on the Nude Productions cassette in 1983. That same year, Sense of Love and Sexual Cliches also appeared on the C-60 collector 'Profound Profane' from Vanished Tapes. Luc VA can be heard as a backing vocalist and as a percussionist. The compilation tracks from the 'early years' are concluded with Vielleicht wird es besser from 1981, the only German-language song O Veux ever made. Cold waves from the east.

Originally released by Onderstroom Records - 2016


  1. Montage/Sex/Imagine
  2. What’s The Use
  3. Headache
  4. Beneath Shallow Graves
  5. Two Hearts Beat As One/Embrasse-moi
  6. A Measure Of Exposure
  7. Happy Years
  8. I’m Different
  9. Cut Your Tongue
  10. All Sent Away
  11. Beauties Watch The Beast
  12. Sexual Cliches
  13. Listen! (reprise All Sent Away)
  14. Shout!
  15. You’re Not Alone
  16. Headache
  17. Sense Of Love
  18. Ready To Swear With Rage
  19. Heroine Junk
  20. Watch My Drug
  21. Vielleicht Wird Es Besser