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Petula Clarck

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Formed in Augustus 2006 in Mons Belgium.

Petula Clarck is a two piece combo comprising of Mat (guitar & vocals) & Vinch (drums). The band try to reach the instinctive way to create music. One rule, just one: one hour and half to create a song. If the song is bad, it goes to the garbage! If the song is good, they play it live and record it like they create it the first time. The group has never retouched his songs and never will. No cheating, Petula Clarck are songs created over the moment, without final improvement, spontaneous. To be closer to its instincts, the duet plays, invents, and serves its emotions like polaroids. It's why they like to call their music Spontrash. So they want to sharp their creativity, using this unique rule to create funky trash blues punk disco dance hits. It's fast, aggressive, experimental and noise but above all urgent and honest.

They play in the middle of the crowd, two dudes, one drum, one guitar and 3 amps (guitar & bass). A fast drum creative and loud drummer combined with the vocals of Mat using voice effects, animal screams and onomatopoeias. They played nearby 400 shows across all Europe and the USA.

Instinct never lies.