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Pornrobot - It Could Get Ugly


Pornrobot - It Could Get Ugly front cover

Pornrobot was a coalition between Vandal X and Geschmacksverstärker, two mega power noise bands from Limburg, Belgium (March 2005).

that coalition came about during a tour through Denmark. A year and three sessions later, the EP “It Could Get Ugly” was a fact. “With the alternating emphasis on metal and punk, which ultimately results in a deafening orgy of noise. Luckily there is variety, no matter how inconspicuous. The tempo changes keep your attention and it even seems like singers Bart T. and Oli. C. occasionally really start singing but don’t worry noise fanatics, that's just a sham.”

Special notes:

Limited edition of 200 copies

Sleeve and label cover art by Dennis Tyfus


Contains inner sleeve with notes and pictures

Pornrobot is with members Dave Schroyen (drums Evil Superstars, Vandal X) and Bart Timmermans (Vandal X, Flipo Mancini, Kregel)


  1. So Far
  2. Get Away
  3. Youth United
  4. Motherfucker Part One
  5. Boring Song
  6. The Cuming Man
  7. è
  8. Dance Empty
  9. Sunday I'm In Love
  10. Shut Up
  11. Yes Sir No Sir
  12. Hell Ain't No Bad Place
  13. Lethal Bitch
  14. M.D.H.
  15. Boormasjien
  16. Motherfucker Part Two