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The Plastic Fish Factory - Get Out


The Plastic Fish Factory - Get Out front cover

The largely acoustic album "Get Out", released on 62TV records, October 31, 1997, seems to come straight from rural America: unsophisticated, intimate music hewn from raw blues and country traditions. With inspiring artists such as Tom Waits, Jonathan Richman, Beck, The early Rolling Stones. Thematically, this Ghent quartet mainly talked about nightlife, drinking, trips, wild love and farewell. A tormented voice and strong acoustic approach with Kristel Eggers' melancholic accordion are the basic ingredients. Opener "Never Gonna Walk That Road Again" takes a more folk-oriented approach with Kurt Vanpeteghem and Bart Westerduin's strumming guitars. You can happily stomp along to "Little Things" (with Luc Waegeman's foot percussion). "Get Rid Of You" with Mad Dog Loose drummer Bernard Plouvier on violin, is a catchy song on the album where Kurt fully shows his writing quality.

RIP Kurt Vanpeteghem 21 maart 1966 - 3 mei 2022


  1. Never Gona Walk That Road Again
  2. Throw Up
  3. Drinkin' Tea
  4. Come Inside
  5. I Wished
  6. Marihuana All Day And Manana
  7. America
  8. I'm Glad
  9. Little Things
  10. Get Rid Of You
  11. Going Your Way
  12. Giving Me A Ride Home
  13. Look At Me Now