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Vandal X - Little Man's Blues

Vandal X - Little Man's Blues front cover

Founding fathers of Belgian noise-rock formed in 1994. Vandal x is a duo, heavily influenced by noise and hardcore bands like Unsane, Helmet, Cop shoot Cop, The Jesus Lizard.
First Belgian band to work with Steve Albini for their album "songs from the heart". Toured with Fugazi, Unsane, Sonic Youth, Girls against Boys. With each release being heavier and heavier the band evolved into a more sludge/doom-style over the years.

Physical release through Zeppos Records (1998)


  1. Random Shot
  2. Sheer Lust
  3. Social Disease
  4. Shoot Me
  5. Money = Freedom
  6. I Travel
  7. Come On
  8. Leave The Beaten Track
  9. Highway Hooligan
  10. World's Greatest Explorer
  11. Little Man's Blues
  12. Iceberg
  13. Random Shot (Transkit Remix)