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Wij nemen u graag mee op een waanzinnige trip die het midden houdt tussen sinister gitaargeweld en knetterende electronica.

‘Vrovl' staat voor muzikale onzin, gespeeld met overtuiging, passie en een gezonde dosis onkunde. Een schokkende maar banale ervaring.


We like to take you on a crazy trip that is somewhere in between dark guitar riffage and crackling electronics.

'Vrovl' stands for musical nonsense, played with conviction, passion and a healthy dose of ignorance. A shocking but banal experience.


Rocking in Ghent since 2016, we started as an impro/drone/noise project, after a while we decided to skip the vague stuff and we started to work out some concrete ideas. Our first EP 'Koeterwaals' was the result. 'Koeterwaals' is dutch for 'gibberish', nonsense... ‘Vrovl’ is the Norwegian translation of ‘Koeterwaals’. As we like all styles of music, we don't want to focus on a specific genre; what we do is somewhere in between psych, stoner, electronic music, jazz and more. It's all about grooving and rocking hard.