Wagonman picture

Wagonman is the solo project of Kinky Star founder Lucce W. Very much inspired by the punkwave, industrial tribal wave of the early 80's he brings honour to artists as Nacht Und Nebel, Crass, Killing Joke. Live Wagonman works with vintage synths and beatmachines, some covers combined with experimental soundscapes with sometimes some guests (Gudrun Roos, poet Bert Lezy, Blaastaal) on stage he brings you back in the moods of artists like Suicide or Cabaret Voltaire (says PIAS rep. Jasper Wentzel)

Wagonman - Desire front cover


Wagonman - Wagonman Meets Blaastaal front cover

Wagonman Meets Blaastaal

Wagonman - Wagonman Met Blaastaal Again front cover

Wagonman Met Blaastaal Again