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Waldorf - Waldorf

Waldorf - Waldorf front cover

Waldorf - In 2001 Wolfgang Vanwymeersch moves from the rural Aalter to a musically inspiring Ghent. He surrounds himself with a few of Ghent’s finest musicians, and in 2005 the first Waldorf record is released on Kinky Star Records. The self-titled album combines loud guitars and catchy popmelodies, saturated with Wolf’s typical hoarse groan. The press is raving, Belgium has a new rockband to brag about and Waldorf smashes venues all over Europe.


  1. Killing Time
  2. Mama Said
  3. Catch 24
  4. All I Can Say
  5. You're Turning Into Something You Are Not
  6. Try To Stop
  7. I Didn't Know What I Was Searching
  8. Strung Out
  9. Everybody Knows
  10. Disco Porno
  11. Rotation South
  12. Turning Reprise
  13. Maggots