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Wurtel - Wurtel


Wurtel - Wurtel front cover

Selftitled debut ‘Wurtel’, recorded live to tape as the deity of your choice intended, effectively capturing the live energy of the trio. Blasting 12 songs under the 30 minutes mark, with influences raging from 80’s hardcore to sludge inspired breakdowns, brought with a punk attitude.

Wurtel are Emmanuel Van Damme (bass), Björn Getteman (vocals) & Matijs Vandenberghe (drum)

Recorded by Peter Van de Veire at Theyellowtape

Mastered by Uwe Teichert


  1. Confusion
  2. out of use
  3. Roll
  4. Chaos
  5. The point of doing nothing
  6. Apart
  7. Move
  8. Live
  9. Daydream
  10. Dark Side
  11. way I roam
  12. Crawl