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Zool. stands for postrock music, mixing electronic textures, power beats, crispy percussion, dubby bass and hectic guitars with diverse influences that go from Brian Eno, over Mogwai, Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone, Nils Frahm, Sonic Youth or Tortoise. At first Gerry Vergult performed solo with his guitar and laptop, but in 2018 he formed a live band with Luc Waegeman (bass), Butsenzeller (drums), Luc Gulinck (guitar) and Jan Peeters (guitar).
Zool. released four albums so far: Vadem (2006), Camera (2009), Ballroom Blitz (2014) and Bombykol (2017).

Zool. - Ballroom Blitz front cover

Ballroom Blitz

Zool. - Bombykol front cover


Zool. - Camera front cover


Zool. - EP One front cover

EP One

Zool. - EP Two front cover

EP Two

Zool. - Malmö front cover


Zool. - Vadem + front cover

Vadem +