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Honey Hachimitsu

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Honey Hachimitsu started in 2016, V8 Bit.C and Ivolve met eachother at a music festival at ''The Loft" a place in Herent where musical souls gather. V8 Bit.C was reparing a old tape recorder when Ivolve and V8 Bit.C first started talking. After a short conversation it was already clear that V8 Bit.C builded his own Synthesisers, and that he was open to do a very experimental production with Ivolve. End 2016 they made their first song ''Accelerate", just before 2017 "Glow together'' was born. V8 Bit.C is not just an excellent Sax player, hey also masters the skill of keys and also production. Hey played the Saxophone for 10 years in ''Das estupando orchestra'' and is still active as a Sax player in ''Rivercrest''. Hachimitsu means Honey in Japan, So actually Honey Hachimitsu, means Honey Honey.

Honey Hachimitsu makes Intergalactic Dance, Breakbeat and Space Hop made from an acoustic-digital crossover, inspired by a blend of Japanese and Belgian Honey.