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Ivolve started as a drummer at age 14, his first band was a hardcore band named Wasted Land, after that he started drumming in a Noise band named SL-27.

He played the drums in stoner band Pektop for 8 years, Pektop released two albums named "The Antikythera Mechanism" and ''Black Moonshine''.

Somewhere around the year 2002 Ivolve discovered a passion for lyricism and rapping, as from then Ivolve started producing his own songs in his home setup, then small home studio's first in Leuven, then in Alsemberg and after that Mol and Hamont.

Ivolve did several side projects, for example he made an album with Erik "Etherik" Heyns called ''The Spiraling Madness" under it's projects name ''Ivolve&Etherik''

With another side project called "Honey Hachimitsu'' he produced the album ''All your Honey are Belong to Us''

Ivolve has produced a lot of total handbuilt recordings, yet also he gives credit to all the people he had the luck of working with, and he is greatfull for that.

Strongest of all is Ivolve's connection to the artist named Frietboer, who has released his debut album "The Magnificent Shape of 8" back in 2012

Since Ivolve started creating music, he has released on over at least 14 albums.